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About us

About us

In folk dance group Pääsuke we are dancing traditional Estonian dances as well as new ones which are choreographed and based on traditional heritage

Our folk dance group is called Pääsuke which stands for a swallow in Estonian. Swallow is a national bird of Estonia. We are located in Tallinn, Estonia. Pääsuke was founded in 1979 when a women's group was created.

Today we have three adult mixed groups and three women's groups. 

Our mission is to preserve Estonian folklore and to develop the folk dance culture while maintaining the basic steps and movements of folk dances.

We are a folk dance family where in addition to a possibility of self expression through dance, one also has a platform for participating in preserving and developing Estonian traditional culture. 

We have travelled to Spain, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Poland, Nepal, North Macedonia and Georgia to showcase our culture. 

Check out our photo and video albums by clicking on the buttons below to learn more about what we are doing. 


Song and Dance Celebration tradition in Estonia

Ask any Estonian what it means to be Estonian and the first idea that will leap into his or her mind will be the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration. 


These massive folk gatherings, involving thousands of colourfully-dressed performers from all over Estonia and abroad, have helped to define nation’s spirit ever since the days of the first celebration in 1869. During the 20th century, the celebration developed into a regular cultural phenomenon, and is now held once in every five years. 


The year 2019 will mark the 150th anniversary of the first song festival and the dance celebration will take place for the 20th time. 


The Song and Dance Celebration will be held from July 4 to July 7, 2019. The main theme of the XXVII Song Celebration and the XX Dance Celebration is "My Fatherland is My Love." 

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